Sunny’s Journey

Hello and welcome to my page!


I am a musician and artist, and I travel a lot with my instrument, the Handpan. Maybe you saw me busking with it and took a card which led you to my page. Because this is what I like: Bringing people a smile, when they hear my Handpan somewhere in the streets. I play gigs too, for weddings, christmas partys, living room concerts, yoga lessons, exhibitions,… so feel free to ask me if you search a hangplayer for your event:

I also play for medieval festivals, in medieval clothes of course. If it is a fantasy festival, I play in my faun costume, which you can find in my photo gallery.

My music is a journey, a PANtastic journey!

This journey began early in my childhood. Grown up with father’s drum set, guitar sounds of both parents and a grandfather who loved to play violin, organ, keyboard and accordeon, it soon became clear, that I would also take the path of sounds and music. P1020737 After a journey through strings, keys and drumheads the Handpan crossed my way accidentally. I never thought that it would change my life so fundamentally.  My journey continues and I’m curious where it will take me.

Besides music I create jewelry and other things. You can find them on my facebookpage: SUNNYKREATIV

If you would like to support me on my journey, you can buy my CD or jewelry. Or you can donate via Paypal. You can find the button on the right side of my webpage.

My music is also available as download from Bandcamp:
If you don’t want to send me a message on my facebookpage if you want to order something you can send me an email too