Monthly Archives: October 2016

Autumn update

The days are getting shorter, and it is time for an autumn update.

Not only 2 but 4 gigs I had all of a sudden in France, even if I only was a guest at one of them, I played 3 or 4 tracks together with my partner. It was wonderfull. I even played in the museum of the village, where Johnny Depp went to the castle ruin in The Ninth Gate.

My gig as a faun on the Loreley Fantasy event is done, also the market, where I had my booth with my jewelry last weekend.

It was a wonderful summer filled with great events.

Of course I have some videos and pictures for you.

The faun with partner at Loreley event, in the beginning of the video, and in the end of the video:

Again Loreley:

Handpan and H├╝mmelchen in the museum of Puivert in France:

Handpan Duo in a monastry ruin in France:

And a short improvisation on the handpan of my partner, in a dolmen in France with great accoustic:

South of France, my secret love. Dusty small pathes, mountains, sun and heat, pure nature, abandoned farmes in the middle of nowhere, clear rivers and hot springs.
I will come back one day ­čÖé


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