2016 has started, and already some weekends are booked.  But I still have some free dates, so I can play for YOUR event?

You can book me for:

  • weddings (medieval or classic)
  • birthday parties
  • christmas parties
  • jubilees
  • livingroom concerts
  • yoga
  • meditations

If you have other ideas feel free to send me an email.

I can come in my medieval costume or as a faun, for medieval or fantasy events, as walking act, and hopefully soon I will play Davul and Bagpipes together with my friend and partner as a medieval duo. I will announce it when we can be booked.

It is also possible to book us as a “hangduo”, my friend plays didgeridoo as well. But because he comes from Belgium we have to plan it carefully and as early as possible. You can find more information about him and his music on his website: www.curtceunen.com

Questions, bookings, ideas or CD orders please send to my email adress: CLICK

The hangplaying Faun

Autumn is almost replaced by winter, and I had some wonderful events, where I was playing my Hang partly in medieval clothes or as the Faun.
Someone took a nice video when I was playing at Loreley for the “Sagenfest”, thank you:

And some pictures of my gigs:

If you have any questions, want to purchase my CDs or book me, please send me an email: SUNNY

Arriving of a new instrument

A new instrument of the handpan familie arrived some time ago. Now I finally managed to have some time to play and get connected with it. It is a SPB pantam from a very talented maker from Russia, and I am honored and happy that I was able to purchase one of these beautiful creations.

I recorded like one hour of my practise session at my favourite place, and I will upload more of it, so stay tuned and check my youtube channel from time to time 😉

IMG_4021klein IMG_4098 Kopie

(Deutsch) Meine Alben

You can find my newest abum “A Pantastic Journey” on bandcamp, besides all my other recordings.

“A Pantastic Journey” is the new version of my first album. 50 minutes of solo playing on the integral Hang.

“Île de Ré” was created by me and two other hangplayers (Tinu Luna and Maria Sol, both with integral Hang). The complete album is an improvisation, we are weaving a carpet of sound on which you can relax.

“Sunny Luna” was played by Tinu Luna and me and our integral Hang.

By clicking on the pictures you will be forwarded to the album on bandcamp where you can listen and download.

A Pantastic Journey a1943165851_7 a3862086493_10

I am back

Back from travelling! I spent wonderful times with hang- and handpanplayers, met old friends and new ones. I played my instruments, just for myself, alone or with friends. I saw beautiful places, magical forests, ancient stones, I had a bath in a river, made a campfire, explored an old castle ruin in the middle of the night with a torch, I shared my breakfast with a chicken and her little babies, visited an abbey in the Ardennes and had a really amazing and adventurous journey.

Now I am back, full of energy, to play gigs and music :-) If you want to book me, send me a message.